Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I listen online?

    A. Yes, please do!

    Just click the listen online link in the main menu, near the top of the page.

  • I clicked the listen online link, but I don't hear anything?

    A. Our stream does go down from time to time.

    Please give us a call or email our webmaster and let us know. We try to keep an eye on it, but sometimes we just aren't aware the stream is down.

  • What if I win a prize from WZON?

    A. You need to pick up your prize at 861 Broadway, Bangor Maine. Business hours are 8am - 5pm

    Also you must pick up your prize within 14 days of the day you won the prize. Sorry we can't hold on to prizes any longer than that, if we did we would be working from under a mountain of prizes!

  • Do you have any job openings?

    A. They are few and far between. Zone Radio is such an awesome place to work no one leaves.

    But if you have radio experience, feel free to come in and fill out an application or drop off your resume.

  • I have a great idea for Stephen King, can you you get me through to him?

    A. Sorry, no we can not.

    Stephen does not have a public email address or phone number. Check out his official website for more information.

  • Is this all the FAQ you are putting up on the website?

    A. Nope!

    We will be adding more frequently asked questions as we figure them out ;)