Why Do We Vote?


Everyone votes for one reason or another; whether they believe in a particular candidate or issue, they believe it is part of their duty as being an American, or it’s just part of their routine. However, for every reason there is to vote, there are probably just as many reasons that people don’t vote.

Roughly 40% of registered voters actually voted in 2011, and the election mostly centered on referendum questions, not candidates. Not a great turnout. In 2010, when the Governor was elected with a simple plurality of votes, not a majority, the voter turnout was 56.2% of registered voters. This was the highest voter turnout in the country, according to nonprofitvote.org. Great job, Mainers! Unfortunately, we all know from grade school that 56.2% is still failing, or at the very most, a D- if you had a kind teacher.

I can’t say what is wrong with the population in this country that we are failing at voting, and thus, our democracy is failing. Why don’t more people feel compelled to vote? I’m sure there are lots of reasons or excuses like “I had to work and got out late,” or “I was taking care of my sick grandma.” But the thing people say that makes me die inside a little is “I don’t see the point.”

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