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  • Annual Red Sox BBQ

    If there's anything we all need after the merciless winter we've experienced this year it's a hella celebration of the rite of Spring with Zone Radio's annual Red Sox Opening Day Cookout at the Furniture Gallery in Bangor. We'll be filling bellies and making winners on Monday, April 6th between 11a and 1pm to celebrate the first game of the year for our Red Sox! Come by and enjoy some W.A. BEAN & SON Hot Dogs along with snacks and chips provided by MICHAUD DISTRIBUTORS. This year will be bringing back the popular "Couch Potato Contest", where guessing the speed of a spud could win you a fine piece of furniture from the Furniture Gallery. There may be a visit from The Duck of Justice, since Bangor PD will be utilizing their radar guns for our spud toss and the kids will get to win the “Candy Coma Basket” filled with all kinds of goodies. The ultimate prize for the BBQ event will be a pair of Red Sox tickets, obtainable through participation of our Furniture Gallery Scavenger Hunt. We'll draw for those tickets at the end of this great event. Come join us Monday, April 6th at the Furniture Gallery on Broadway. This is a completely free event made possible by Zone Radio and it's generous sponsor partners.

  • WZON App Is Back

    The WZON app is back for Android devices! If you are on an android device now you can hit the button below or you can just search WZON in the Play Store whenever you do get on a mobile device.

    If you have the old app, we recommend uninstalling it and updating to our new app. As our old one won't be receiving updates any longer.

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  • Zone In On Hunger Campaign

    Zone Radio, United Way of Eastern Maine and Good Shepherd Food Bank are teaming up... to "Zone In On Hunger". Whether it's donating food items, volunteering your time or a monetary donation... everyone has the ability to chip in. Tune in to the Pulse Morning show or click the more details button to learn and/or help with hunger issues that affect our community.

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